Strength in numbers


There’s strength in numbers, and the startup costs associated with this industry don’t add up if we each tackle them alone.

We offer access to our facility for like minded individuals on a case-by-case basis. We aren’t open to the general public; our members are emerging designers/artists/creatives/entrepreneurs that could benefit from access to space, equipment, and resource as they strike off on their own endeavors.

We aim to offer between 2-4 individual memberships at any given time, and prioritize those that are dedicated to this path full time.

studio access (included)

We designed this studio down to the details, and built it just so. We’ve blended the industrial textures and atmosphere of a raw concrete shop space with the warmth and inviting quality of the wood products we process within. The space is bright and airy (24’ ceilings don’t hurt), contemporary and comfortable, and outfitted for maximum efficiency. We’ve added a pretty slick little kitchen and washroom suite (with shower) for our members to use, and our building is equipped with secure bike storage and end-of-trip facilities.

Our memberships include the use of communal desk space within our 1000sf studio, as well as fiber optic internet connection and printing services.


workshop access (included)

This is our dream facility. We’ve laid out 3700sf of machinery, material handling, assembly tables, and finishing areas to optimize workflow from start to finish. We’re split over 2 levels, with the heavy machinery and processing happening on the main floor and all of the fine detail work up on the mezzanine away from the action.

On this upper level our members are given dedicated access to one (1) mobile assembly table with storage beneath. We recommend using this storage for all your personal hand/power tools, materials, or projects you want to keep safe.

digital fabrication

Not to toot our own horn, but this is our area of expertise.

Front and center on our shop floor you’ll find our 5 axis CNC, and it’s no small beast. We’re only just uncovering the true potential of its capabilities, and we’re itching to put it to the test.

If Digital Fabrication is something that excites you, you’ve come to the right place. We love to talk shop about this machine, software, capacity, and strategies for milling/making. If you’ve got a project you’d like to CNC, access to the machine is contracted and operated through HONE Workshop.

CNC access is not included in our membership structure. We charge an hourly rate for consultation, file preparation, and machining time.

For our members, this hourly rate is reduced from industry standards. We want to see you using this technology and what sort of projects you’ll dream up; it expands all of our horizons.


Connect with us to set up a shop tour or grab a coffee. There’s a lot to discuss here before we move forward with anything, and we want to make sure the groundwork is laid properly.

It’s critically important that we find a good match for both parties.