Let’s build something together.

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Our focus is on wood products, processes, techniques, and technologies. We believe in empowering our community through education and support for the creative process.

  • Collaborative space for designers, makers, artists, and entrepreneurs in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

  • Consulting and design-to-production workflow services for Vancouver’s diverse design community.

  • Manufacturing services for projects, products, and contract execution across any scope or scale.



3700sf of cutting edge machinery, tools, and optimized workflow. Whatever you're thinking of making, you've come to the right place.

We’ve designed this space from the point of material entry through to product shipment. Every piece of this puzzle is intended to prioritize capacity, flexibility, and safety above all else. You’ll find all the pieces of traditional woodworking equipment here, supplemented by a level of CNC technology not typically available outside of heavy industry.  



This is our area of expertise, and this equipment is the real deal.

Our 5 axis machine is equipped with a 17.5HP spindle that can handle damn near anything we throw at it, and our pod & rail machining table can be quickly interchanged with a full bed vacuum board to handle a wide range of jobs.

We specialize in solid timber processing, nested sheet good machining, and 3D surface operations.

We offer machining services for hard and soft woods, plywood, MDF (and other sheet materials), corian (and other solid surfaces), acryllic, and epoxy resins.