Consultation for Design & Manufacturing Processes

Design Services (Concept Design, 3D Modeling, CAD Drawing, Product Visualization)

Prototyping Services (Study Modeling, Material Testing, Optimization for Manufacturing)

Proof of Concept + Small Batch Production Services

CNC Machining (CAM File Setup, Tooling, Fixturing, Machining Time)

Shop Labor (Material Processing, Assembly, Sanding, Finishing, Packaging, Shipping)

For the sake of simplicity and clarity in our client relations, we are pleased to offer blended rate pricing across all scopes of contracted and commissioned work that flows through our shop.

We have found that this pricing model allows for more organic communications through the initial phases of pricing, and empowers our clients to easily understand the impacts or easements of project scope and/or design changes throughout the process.

Within this blended rate we have averaged all aspects of our services, overheads, and the expenses required to operate our business.

150.00 CAD / HR + applicable taxes


monthly rate // contact for pricing + availability

We offer access to our facility for like minded individuals on a case-by-case basis. We aren’t open to the general public; our members are emerging designers/artists/creatives/entrepreneurs that could benefit from access to space, equipment, and resource as they strike off on their own endeavors.

There’s strength in numbers, and the startup costs associated with this industry don’t add up if we each tackle them alone.

We aim to house between 2-4 individuals at any given time, and prioritize those that are dedicated to this path full time. If you think you might be a good fit for our membership plan, please connect with us to arrange shop tour.

More information on our studio and facility can be found here.